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Featured musicians include: @_nicogeyer, @vinegarmothermusic@pompomsquad@_aliese_@yancayyy@diverse_kcox, and @picklequeeen
Videography by @wcameron
Photography by @amandahakan

Facebook: goo.gl/BTwvnA
Twitter: goo.gl/oexT7C
IG: goo.gl/x3g7xQ

Associate Artist in Residence: Atlantic Center for the Arts

Residency with Robert Normandeau, electroacoustic composer. 

February-March, 2018.

Greenpointers, Greenpoint's Tom Tom Magazine Takes on the World

By Melissa Loseby. Photographed by Mitch Boyer.

Tom Tom MAgazine, issue 30: Nepotism

Tom Tom Family, by Liz Tracy, Page 21. Woman and Machine, Photographed by Keka Margazao, Page 35.

Bard Papers, 2017

The Polyrhythms of the Ear Canal: Investigating the Human Body as an Instrument and Listening Device Inspired by Hearing, Attention, and Alvin Lucier. Sound Installation. Photographed by Izzy Leung.

Neurons - Daniel Risdon's Senior Concert II

Senior Concert for the Bard College Electronic Music Department. Performed in Bard Hall, April 11, 2016. 

Guitar/Electronics/Vocals - Daniel Risdon, Guitar - Marcel Rudin, Bass - John Carroll, Drums - Pippa Kelmenson. All photographs by Sam Audino. 


sean henry

Applejam + Midnight Present: Mitski + Pile ft. Sean Henry + Ursula. 

Guitar/Vocals - Sean Henry, Bass - Ryan Schnackenberg, Drums - Pippa Kelmenson.

teen wife

Jawbreaker Reunion//PWR BTTM Split Release Valentines Show ft. Teen Wife + Baby Teeth. 

Guitar/Vocals/Bass - Boothe Carlson, Nicole Carroll, Drums - Pippa Kelmenson.